Spa, recognized as one of the 11 major spa towns in Europe alongside renowned cities such as Bath , Vichy and Montecatini Terme , has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2021. It has enjoyed unique success in Europe since the 18th century and today symbolizes relaxation, well-being and relaxation all over the world.

Spa is part of the cultural itinerary of historic spa towns which brings together some fifty across Europe.

Immerse yourself in a carbon dioxide bath and enjoy the benefits of thermal water, discover the fascinating history of the city thanks to its heritage, its museums and its folklore.

Visit the famous springs, including the Pouhon Pierre le Grand , the main spring in Spa and an exceptional heritage site that houses the tourist office.

Spa is also…
A remarkably preserved natural environment , an unmissable gastronomic stopover and a trendy shopping destination.

A lively and lively destination throughout the year thanks to the racing circuit which hosts the prestigious Belgian Grand Prix, the modern casino nestled in a remarkable heritage building, and the many events that take place there.